School Information


Arunodaya Public School run by Swami Buddhadevji Maharaj Charitable Trust was established in the year 2002 affiliated to CBSE Delhi Board, With a view of serving the cause of education with due emphasis on high thinking and simple living. The students of Arunodaya are provided with excellent infrastructure facilities to facilitate effective teaching learning process.

The ancient concept of Indian education system – education for the body, mind and the spirit for complete reformation of a child into a complete human being is taken care of in Arunodaya and as the name indicates the, we prepare the children to face the world confidently with energy and enthusiasm like the bright rising sun. Apart from inculcating moral values and ethics in our students we prepare them to face the challenges of the changing scenario of education by providing them with the post modern amenities and exposing them to hi tech class rooms and giving them excellent IT Training with respect to Smart Classroom.

The experienced and well - trained staff of Arunodaya Pay individual attention to the students and care for their intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. A unique feature of Arunodaya has a team of professionals who train the students to develop their talents in co and extracurricular activities. The gifted children are identified and special training is given to them to channel their interests into the respective fields. Joining hands with various non – profitable organizations Arunodaya conducts personality development programs for its parents and students. Arunodaya also prepare them to face the global challenges in education. We aim at emerging as a world – class education institution by satisfying the needs of the expanding horizons of education.

Objectives of Trust:

SSBMC Trust’s disciples are preceded associates with exclusive leadership, educationist from industrialist who are education – focused, non-commercial emanates from independent sources who have greatly benefited the educational institute with enrolled objectives.

They have created increasing awareness of the benefits in academics dons, two way interactive communications with engaged users, with E-learning platforms by providing smart classrooms. They have focused on implementing a strategic institutional development planned by qualified faculty and administrators due to which it has helped us to get off the ground quickly and achieve national recognition.

It’s deeply satisfying, that parents and the teachers’ community appreciate their efforts to develop the best education practices with the hope of changing and professionalizing the school education. The school academic accomplishment with pointers place among very fulfilling, academic reputation, and teacher development as prime objective of giving children an educational experience that they will enjoy and cherish them as better citizens of world tomorrow.

Counselling Session:

Counselling offers a way to change i.e., helping everybody whether they’re just starting or have been in it longer than they care to admit. This helps them or makes them able to afford to live their lives that they desire in right direction.

They have created increasing awareness of the benefits in academics dons, two way interactive communications with engaged users, with E-learning platforms by providing smart classrooms.

Academic Year

An Academic Year is divided into Two Terms.
  • First Term : April to September
  • Second Term : October to March
(other details in School Almanac)

School Timings

Monday to Friday
Visiting Hours
    Principal   Teacher   Office
Nursery : 07.55 a.m. to 10.45 a.m., All Saturday Holiday

Jr. K.G.
:07.55 a.m. to 10.55 a.m., All Saturday Holiday
Sr. K. G. : 10.55 a.m. to 02.20 p.m., All Saturday Holiday
Class I : 07.55 a.m. to 02.20 p.m.
Class II to XI : 07.55 a.m.  to 02.30 p.m
Class I to II : All  Saturday Holiday
Class III to XI : 07.55 a.m.  12.00noon 1,3,5th Saturday Working

With Prior written appointment on



  Only with prior written appointment
in the almanac on 1st Saturday
of the month ( 2.30 p.m.- 3.30 p.m.)

Monday to Friday: 09.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.

Saturday: 09.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
( Except 4th Saturday of the Month ).



Time Table

A systemic Time - Table of 50 periods a week is being followed. Besides a 30 minutes zero period is held every day to conduct Morning Assembly, Mass P.T., Scout and Guides and Club activities and 1st,3 rd and 5th saturdays includes different activities, competitions etc..

Pre Primary

  1. Red Shirt, checked frock, Black Cycling Shorts.
  2. Red Clips, Red Band.
  3. Black Velcro shoes, White Socks.
  4. Grey V-Necked Sweater with Buttons.

Classes I TO X (Primary, Middle, Secondary Sections)

  1. Grey pinafore - (Knee length) with logo and side pocket.
  2. White half sleeved shirt.
  3. Blue canvas shoes (as prescribed).
  4. White socks with coloured band as the House.
  5. School belt with school logo.
  6. School tie as specified.
  7. Black clips, Black Band, Black Ribbons (1/2 mt each), Two plaits folded (if lengthy).
  8. Grey colour Cycling shorts above the knee.
  9. Grey V-necked Sweater with buttons.


  1. Navy Blue Track Pant.
  2. House T-shirt.
  3. Blue canvas shoes (as prescribed).
  4. White socks with coloured band as per the house.
  5. White clips, white Ribbons(1/2 mt each), White Band, Two plaits folded(if lengthy).

Guides Unifom

  1. Navy blue pinafore & Sky blue scarf.
  2. Black Cycling shorts above the knee.
  3. Black Ribbons.(1/2 mtr each)

Classes XI- Senior Secondary Section

  1. Dark Blues Jeans with two side pockets..
  2. White shirt(full Sleeves).
  3. Blue shoes.
  4. White socks.
  5. Navy Blue Blazer.



Pre Primary

  1. Red Shirt Checked Half-Pant.
  2. Black Velcro shoes, white socks.
  3. Grey Sweater without buttons.

Classes I TO X (Primary, Middle, Secondary Sections)

  1. Grey shorts with two side pockets upto Class V.
  2. Class VI onward boys wear full trousers with two side pockets.
  3. White half- sleeved shirt with school logo & pocket on the left side.
  4. Blue canvas shoes (as prescribed).
  5. White socks with coloured band as per the house.
  6. School belt with school logo.
  7. School tie as specified.
  8. Grey V-Necked Sweater without buttons.

S P A UNIFORM (Primary, Middle, Secondary Sections)

  1. Blue Track Pant
  2. House T-shirt.
  3. Blue canvas shoes (as prescribed)
  4. White socks with coloured band as per the house .

Scouts - Uniform

  1. Navy Blue pant & sky Blue scarf.
  2. Grey shirt as per required logo, whistle etc.


  1. Dark Blues Jeans with two side pockets.
  2. White shirt (full sleeves).
  3. Blue shoes
  4. White socks.
  5. Navy Blue Blazer.

Admission & Withdrawal

    The selection Committee has the absolute right to admit / not to admit or to dismiss the child from the school.

    A child who joins fresh from home will have to produce an official Birth Certificate from a relevant Government or Municipal or Gram Panchayat authority in support of the Date of Birth entered in the registration from. Parents seeking admission for their ward should initially fill in a request from along with Xerox copy of student’s final result of previous year from the earlier school.

    On being granted admission, the Parent/ Guardian will have to submit the Application From duly Filled with the necessary certificates.

    All withdrawals from the school must be made only on the written request for the same by the parent/guardian of the child to the principal. Application for a leaving certificate should be made by the parent or guardian on the prescribed form, one month in advance, provided in the school calendar or one month fee to be paid as notice fee. For further details, the Administrator should be contacted. In case of request for a duplicate of the school leaving certificates, the parent or guardian, will have to produce an affidavit stating therein, what has happened to be the original certificates and why a duplicate is required. A nominal fee will be charged for duplicate school leaving certificates.

Transport Facility

  • The school has made an arrangement with a Contractor to provide transport facility to the students. If interested a Form for the ‘Bus Facility’ has to be filled and deposited at the school’s Transport Counter.
  • Routes are fixed and are available at the Transport Counter.
  • Charges are fixed per route for a Term. respective of whether the students uses the Bus for single or return journey charges are subject to change depending upon the circumstances.